5GMediaHUB at IoT Solutions World Congress 2024

IQUADRAT, 5GMediaHUB’s Project Coordinator, represented the project during the IoT Solutions World Congress 2024, which took place on 21-23 May 2024 in Barcelona. IoT Solutions World Congress aims to enable attendees to stay ahead of the curve and focus on technologies transforming industries.

Booth visitors, who were mainly representatives from SMEs, were impressed by the unique immersive technology use cases of the 5GMediaHUB project and the extensive integration of 5G with Network Applications. Visitors were particularly interested in the advantages of 5G technology highlighted in the project, such as ultra-low latencies and higher reliability, and how they can utilise the project’s outcomes in their media mobile applications by implementing enhanced features and functionality. Visitors’ invaluable feedback can contribute to more innovative demand-based ideas.

IoT Solutions World Congress attracted 10,772 attendees and 377 exhibitors, while 250 speakers gave insightful and captivating talks. At this leading event, participants can get a glimpse into the technology of tomorrow and companies can increase visibility and interact with key decision-makers.

The IoT Solutions World Congress will return on 13 May 2025.

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