About Us

5GMediaHUB aims to help EU to achieve the goal of becoming a world leader in 5G, by accelerating the testing and validation of innovative 5G-empowered media applications and NetApps from 3rd party experimenters and NetApps developers, through an open, integrated and fully featured Experimentation Facility. This will significantly reduce not only the service creation lifecycle but also the time to market barrier, thus providing such actors that are primarily from SMEs, with a competitive advantage against their rivals outside EU. In particular, 5GMediaHUB will build and operate an elastic, secure and trusted multi-tenant service execution and NetApps development environment based on an open cloud-based architecture and APIs, by developing and integrating a testing and validation system with two existing well-established 5G testbeds (by CTTC and 5G-VIVVI by Telenor) for enabling the fast prototyping, testing and validation of novel 5G services and NetApps.

5GMediaHUB will offer:

  • a DevOps environment for Testing as a Service;
  • a rich set of Experimentation Tools that offer scheduling, validation, verification, analytics and QoS/QoE monitoring mechanisms;
  • a set of re-usable vertical-specific and vertical-agnostic NetApps with easy to use APIs that can be consumed by application developers, reducing the complexity and risk of integrations and operations;
  • a re-usable open-source NetApps Repository;
  • an umbrella cross-domain service orchestrator to deliver cross-domain orchestration of NetApps;
  • an innovative security framework offering software defined perimeter protection and isolation of NetApps;
  • incremental validation capabilities of the Experimental Facility evidenced through 3 novel media use cases with 2 scenarios each, over 3GPP R.16 and R.17 5G testbed releases.