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5GMediaHUB project at Infocom 2023

Mr Michail Sfakianos (APPART) presented the 5GMediaHUB project during the scientific session of the highly esteemed Infocom World 2023 conference. Mr Sfakianos provided an insight into the state-of-the-art network applications offered by the project aiming to change the testing and validation of broadcasting applications through the all-in-one 5GMediaHUB Experimentation Facility. People who watched the informative […]

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5GMediaHUB at EUCNC 2023

The 5GMediaHUB project was represented by IQUADRAT during the EUCNC & 6G Summit 2023, held in Gothenburg, Sweden, 6-9 June 2023. The project’s work was showcased through a live demo that focused on the StreamSelector Network Application, which was deployed on the 5G testbed of Iquadrat.
The StreamSelector Network Application, developed by Ektacom, is one of the four media-related Network Applications, with the other three being the Streaming Network Application (developed by Norigin Media), the Multi-CDN Network Application (developed by STXT) and the Immersive media Network Application (developed by Brainstorm). The StreamSelector Network Application aims to contribute to the high quality of video streaming since it is responsible for the selection and streaming of proper video, as well as video preview, which makes it attractive for the multimedia sector.
Booth visitors had the opportunity to watch the demo and engage in a fruitful discussion with the project representatives. They were impressed by the capabilities offered by the 5GMediaHUB Experimentation Facility, which offers services such as a rich set of Experimentation Tools and re-usable vertical-specific and vertical-agnostic Network Applications, making the testing and validation of multimedia applications easier and faster.
The EUCNC and 6G Summit builds on putting together two successful conferences in the area of telecommunications: EUCNC, supported by the European Commission, and the 6G Summit. The 2024 EUCNC & 6G Summit will be held in Antwerp, Belgium, 3-6 June 2024.
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5GMediaHUB at NAB Show 2023

BRAINSTORM presented 5GMediaHUB at NAB Show 2023. The 5GMediaHUB team is devoted to developing an innovative and all-in-one Experimentation Facility targeted mainly at SMEs and developers developing media applications and wishing to test and validate their services fast.
BRAINSTORM exhibited at the event, held April 15-19 2023 in Las Vegas. The 5GMediaHUB partner, dedicated to providing industry-leading real-time 3D graphics and virtual set solutions for broadcast, feature film production and corporate presentations, also showcased its latest solutions during the event.
NAB Show is the key event to discover the latest innovations in the broadcast and multimedia industry.
The event will return in Las Vegas, NV April 14-17, 2024.
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5GMediaHUB at IoT Solutions World Congress

5GMediaHUB was represented by IQUADRAT at IoT Solutions World Congress, which was held in Barcelona, Spain, from 31 January to 2 February 2023. IQUADRAT talked to its booth visitors about the innovative 5GMediaHUB Experimentation Facility where media providers will be able to test and validate their services. IoT Solutions World Congress is a leading global event that attracts disruptive digital leaders and showcases game-changing solutions. This year it held one of its best editions with more than 15,000 attendees and over 300 exhibitors. IoT Solutions World Congress will return on 21 March 2024.
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Meeting at NTNU premises

At the end of January, Norigin Media, Telenor, NTNU and Kapoow met for a production meeting in Trondheim, Norway. The meeting was hosted by NTNU. But what brought these four organisations together? They wanted to meet and get a common understanding of their work, and prepare the Interactive Digital Narrative (IDN) for testing. Their meeting

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