5GMediaHUB project at Infocom 2023

Mr Michail Sfakianos (APPART) presented the 5GMediaHUB project during the scientific session of the highly esteemed Infocom World 2023 conference. Mr Sfakianos provided an insight into the state-of-the-art network applications offered by the project aiming to change the testing and validation of broadcasting applications through the all-in-one 5GMediaHUB Experimentation Facility. People who watched the informative and enlightening presentation included professionals from various fields such as the academic world, engineers and representatives from the telecommunications industry.

Infocom World 2023 is a conference dedicated for telecommunications. It took place in Athens on 14 December 2023. This year’s event held major significance because it marked 30 years of mobile telephony in Greece, as well as 25 years of Infocom World history. The conference was also dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and the swift changes it is expected to bring to vertical markets.

The industrial conference is a gathering point to present innovative ideas and engage with people sharing a common passion for telecommunications.


Find out more information about the conference here: https://infocomworld.gr/.