5GMediaHUB call for ideas

In 5GMediaHUB, several prominent European media companies (Rundfunk-Berlin Brandenburg, Brainstorm Multemedia S.L., Swiss TXT A.G., Ektacom, Rayshaper, Norigin Media AS) and innovative SMEs are committed to exploiting innovative services, to offer third-party developers, startups and SMEs access to a unique 5G-enabled NetApp development and validation platform for media applications.

We are providing a 5G-based secure and trusted experimentation playground through which media mobile app developers will have the opportunity to test and validate their applications in an integrated, open and cost-efficient manner, so as to remove operational uncertainties and reduce market entry barriers prior to being ported and deployed in industrial public 5G networks.

Your application will be validated and you will be able to show your customers that 5G KPIs are achieved; your ideas are expected to have a positive broad impact on many industry sectors in Europe and will be visible by more than 500 industries of the 5G PPP program (https://5g-ppp.eu/).


Apply here to experiment your 5G idea and meet the industrial media partners of 5G MediaHUB.