Meeting at NTNU premises

At the end of January, Norigin Media, Telenor, NTNU and Kapoow met for a production meeting in Trondheim, Norway. The meeting was hosted by NTNU. But what brought these four organisations together? They wanted to meet and get a common understanding of their work, and prepare the Interactive Digital Narrative (IDN) for testing.

Their meeting spot was the Sense-IT lab at NTNU. They spent the first day going through discussion points, identifying main challenges and watching the IDN content to be used. They ended the day at a restaurant in the charming Bakklandet district of Trondheim, before the Telenor team departed for Oslo. The next day, they focused on finding solutions for implementing the IDN, while keeping in mind the user experience and not over-complicating the development process. The meeting wrapped up in success, with the participants looking forward to demonstrating the IDN.

More information about the IDN will be available soon. Stay tuned!