5GMediaHUB Overall Project Objective:

To build and operate an elastic, secure, trusted, all-in-one, multi-tenant service execution and NetApps development environment based on an open cloud-based architecture and APIs, by developing and integrating a testing and validation system with existing well-established 5G testbeds, for enabling the fast prototyping, testing and validation of novel 5G media services and NetApps , thus reducing the entry barrier to 3rd party media application testers (from SMEs, service providers, researchers, etc.).

The project’s overall objective is achieved through the following interdisciplinary implementation objectives:
Objective 01

To leverage, extend and/or develop realistic, innovative, next-generation and business-relevant use case scenarios in the media domain.

Objective 02

To implement a rich set of Experimentation Tools within the 5GMediaHUB Experimentation Facility for automating the secure and trusted scheduling, testing, verification, validation and optimisation of 3rd party media applications to ensure their proper operation over a 5G environment, and remove any uncertainties prior to wide-scale deployment.

Objective 03

To implement a set of NetApps with corresponding Northbound APIs based on open source technologies to interact and seamlessly integrate with the 3rd party vertical media applications in a plug-and-play and 5G NFVI agnostic manner.

Objective 04

To provide a Cross-Domain Service Orchestrator (CDSO) to act as an umbrella orchestrator that automates service and slice management, as well as cross-domain orchestration across the underlying 5G testbed facilities, minimising service creation time.

Objective 05

To provide a comprehensive Security Framework so as provide a secure and trusted environment to the Experimentation Facility for multiple concurrent tenants, as well as provide secure interoperability of NetApps across different 5G testbeds.

Objective 06

To integrate two existing well-established 5G PPP 5G testbeds, the Experimentation Tools, the NetApps, the Northbound APIs and the CDSO to establish the multi-tenant 5GMediaHUB Experimentation Facility, for the testing and validating of innovative media applications and NetApps that require 5G performance capabilities.

Objective 07

To demonstrate the potential and the user value of the 5GMediaHUB Experimentation Facility through relevant experimentation, testing and validation of innovative, advanced media use cases, over two testing cycles (3GPP R.16 & R.17) demonstrating also how the Facility reduces the market entry barrier by shortening the service testing and deployment times.

Objective 08

To enable new business opportunities with the adaptation of the network to media application requirements and accelerate NFV-based service uptake in industry.

Objective 09

To identify and validate applicable standards as well as provide rationalised contribution to key standardisation bodies so as to sustain standardisation in the telecom and media sectors.

Objective 10

To accelerate the adoption for the usage of the 5GMediaHUB Experimentation Facility by SMEs or start-ups through wide dissemination means, open-source communities and relevant initiatives, as well as to support the 5G PPP programme by exploiting synergies with other 5G PPP projects and relevant initiatives.